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You’ve decided to host a benefit or charity auction for your next fundraising event — that’s awesome!

A charity auction is a great way to raise money and fund a cause. In this type of fundraising activity, the guests make their bids to win auction items and packages that they want. The highest bidder gets the item, and the fundraising organisation receives the earnings.

So, the next question is, which auction format are you going to do? Are you going to host a silent auction fundraiser or a live one? Having the right auction format is crucial to achieving your fundraising goal.

If you are not sure which is the best type or format to use for your next fundraising event, consider getting help from the Helping Hand Group Auction Services. These are the types of auctions they provide.

Live auctions

This type is probably one of the most popular fundraising events for nonprofit organisations. You’re raising financial help while you’re hosting an unforgettable night that will keep your guests engaged with your work as an organisation. With their fast-paced and immediate nature, there is a sense of urgency that keeps the guests engaged and actively participating. Live auctions are a high-energy, high-bid environment. 

When you plan for a live auction, it means you will gather people who will bid over select items and packages in real-time. A trained auctioneer facilitates the bidding by introducing individual items for auction and guiding the bidding amount and increment. To place their bids, the guests call out amounts and raise their bid paddles. The highest bidder wins the item, and all proceeds go toward a charitable cause.

In addition to great items, excellent auctioneers are also key to a successful live auction. They can tap into the emotions of your guests and cause them to give generously. They know how to  interact with the participants, connect with them, maintain the connection and even make them participate. Auctioneers also leverage descriptive selling and promote the auction items well with excitement. More importantly, they can ensure that your event remains on time.

Ballot Bidding®

If you want the classic paper-and-pen silent auction, then opt for the Ballot Bidding® format. This gets direct to the point as the guests will be asked for their maximum auction bid. It gives them only one chance to lodge their maximum bid against the items they want and eliminates the back and forth ‘penny bidding’. 

One good thing about this format is that you can urge your guests to give their maximum bid while keeping them engaged in the event. It encourages them to think about how much the other guests will bid. As they bid at their personal maximum bid, you will also be assured that you can maximise the bids for your charity. You get as much proceeds as possible.

In addition, Ballot Bidding® allows you to sell multiple auction items. This means you can increase the amount you fundraise.

If you decide to use this format, the team at Helping Hand Group Auction Services designs and prints the Ballot Bidding® forms which will include your event’s items and those that you will get from them.

Electronic silent auctions

A silent auction also raises money by taking bids on auction items and giving them to the one with the highest bids. The difference is that there is no auctioneer. Bidding is either done by using bidding software or bid sheets.

Electronic silent auctions use mobile bidding software. They engage your guests instantly and directly through their own smartphones or devices. This format utilises the newest auction software technology by using smartphones, tablets and event screens. 

An electronic auction system can display the highest bidders and facilitate communication with your guests while they are at their seats. This is a web-based platform that contains the event and sponsor information, as well as the auction item list. This is also where guests and supporters can register and bid on items. During the event, the guests will be able to access the auction dashboard through their personal devices. This dashboard can also be displayed on the event screens and be integrated into the audio-visual system to keep your fundraising silent auction more exciting.

Other benefits of using an electronic silent auction format are as follows:

  • Anyone from anywhere can bid on auction items. A link to an online version of the auction is provided, and it can be shared via social media or email. Therefore, you may be able to collect bids from your contacts all over the world. They may not be able to attend the auction live, but they can take part in the bidding in real-time.
  • You can have a flexible list of auction items that are in a flexible digital format. You can add as many auction items as you want.
  • With the auction profile created in the electronic silent auction system before the event, you can have enough time to promote the event to your guests through social media or email. You can ask them to pre-register, so they may be able to free up their time for the event.
  • You can send messages directly to your guests during the event via SMS. With the electronic silent auction technology, you can promote higher bids by inviting your guests for competitive bidding. You can also use it to remind them of important information about the auction. 
  • It gives a friendly competitive atmosphere. The dashboard shows the current bids on all items, and guests are notified if they have been outbid.

Are you now ready to decide about which auction type to use? Whichever it is, strategic planning for the event is important. Set a goal and budget, get a dedicated auction team and make sure to pick out interesting auction items that will appeal to your guests and donors.

For professional auction service help, check out the Helping Hand Group Auction Services. They provide fundraising auctions items and services at no cost to you. They offer items on a consignment-type basis and help you set up, run the auction and take down displays after the event.

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