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Haven’t you already watched the cat blending video? Why is there a re-surge in the cat blending video again? Are there some updates on the Cat Blended video? In the article Cat Blender Full Video Link, we will provide details about the updates regarding the topic. Because the topic is trending all Worldwide again, let us read this post.

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Updates on Cat Blending & More

As per the sources, the culprit behind the cat blending video has been arrested, and he is from China. But, after the man’s arrest, his fellow men threatened to torture more cats as revenge. Some sources also claim that the name of the person Xu Zhihui is a food blogger, and he posts the video on Chinese social media apps. The alleged arrest was made on 7th May, but there is no evidence that the man who made Cat in Blender Video Full Video Gore was arrested. Also, no one can prove whether the man arrested was the real culprit. 

Disclaimer: All the details provided in the write-up have been collected through various internet sources. We are just providing information and not making any personal comments. 

Discussion on the Topic

All this information is per the sources, there is no strong evidence present, and the location identification was done with the help of written letters on the blender. The blender had something written on it in the Chinese language. Thus, the netizens assumed that the location was China. In addition, the alleged arrest made by the local police was not due to the torturing of the cat but was because the person posted inappropriate content on social media.

No criminal case has been made against the Cat Blender Full Video Link man. There is a law for protecting wild animals/wildlife, and stray animals are out of scope. Thus, torturing a cat or a dog is not unusual there. As per sources, people in there even watch and sell such footage for their recreational purposes.

More Information 

There was also a piece of news circulating that the man involved in the cat blending video was seen fighting and hiting up other boys on the street. But the online users have found a loophole in the video and cleared the confusion. A person on social media clarified that this is not Cat Blender Full Video Link culprit and the video is not from China but from a country where Dutch is spoken.  

The videos uploaded on several platforms have been deleted due to sensitive content. The guidelines of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and every social media platform do not accept such violent videos to be seen by the general public. Many people have even claimed that there is a second part to the video where the same person is blending the cat to death. And the cat allegedly died in the blender. But the Cat Blender Full Video Link video has been taken down immediately, and only a few people have watched it.


The article has shared the updated details on the topic and some addition to the tragic cat blending video. The video made Netizens depressed, and now there is another such video on social media. Details related to arrest, location, fellow group members and more are provided. For more details, click here.

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Must Read Updates on Cat in Blender Video Full Video Gore: FAQs

Q1. What is a cat blending video?

A1. A video that went viral at the start of this month contains the horrific footage of a person blending a perfectly living cat inside a blender. 

Q2. Is the culprit arrested?

A2. As per sources, the culprit was identified as Xu Zhihui and was arrested on 7th May.

Q3. What was the location of the culprit?

A3. This person is from China.

Q4. Who arrested Xu and Why?

A4. Local Chinese police arrested him because he uploaded inappropriate content on social media.

Q5. Who threatened to torture more cats?

A5. Fellow members of the culprit’s group have claimed to torture more cats as revenge.

Q6. Is the news about the Cat Blender Full Video Link culprit’s arrest true?

A6. No, evidence and details are present in this case. Thus, we cannot conclude anything to be true.

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