Do Anti Aging LED Devices Work?

How to Do Anti Aging LED Devices Work

Do Anti Aging LED Devices Work?: As we get older, we start facing various aging signs on our skin. There are various aging signs that one’s skin can suffer from when they grow older, such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, etc. If you are going through such problems, you can try using various products to help you deal with them. However, if you are looking for a more natural solution that will help you get rid of these aging signs permanently, you can go for LED light therapy.

Light therapy works by radiating a strong light on the specific areas of your skin where you are facing aging signs. Light of different colors is used in LED light therapy, such as red light, infrared light, amber light, blue light, green light, etc. If you properly use the right light color for the right amount of time and with the right frequency, it will help you deal with wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs. 

You will have to use a light therapy device for going through LED light therapy. You might be a bit skeptical about using LED light therapy treatment to deal with your aging signs and doubt its efficiency. But this therapy has been scientifically proven to have numerous benefits, including anti-aging effects. LED light therapy can provide you with other skin-related benefits, so you can easily implement LED light therapy as part of your regular skincare routine. For doing so, you need to have proper knowledge about anti-aging LED devices or LED light therapy devices. We will talk about these devices in this article.

Inadequate Collagen Production and Aging Signs

When a person gets older, the level of collagen in their skin becomes inadequate. Collagen helps to hold our body together, as it’s the main structural protein of the skin. The synthesis and maintenance of collagen is the core of anti-aging. When the collagen levels of the skin are healthy, it provides people with firm skin, glowing skin complexion, dense bones, strong nails, and healthy hair. When collagen production gets reduced due to aging, and the collagen level drops in the skin, it causes aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. 

The fibroblasts of our skin work to produce collagen and elastin. When the production of collagen and elastin gets lower, it can lead to a breakdown in cartilage, causing soreness, inflammation, stiffness, prolonged recovery time after any kind of physical activity, etc. 

LED light therapy works by increasing fibroblast proliferation and helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. 

Which Light Therapy Works Best for Anti-Aging?

Different colors of light have different types of effects on our skin. Not all light therapy types have anti-aging effects; only specific types of light therapy can help you deal with them. They are-

Red Light Therapy

Red light can penetrate the skin properly to energize the cells and enable them to reproduce more quickly. It leads to having healthier skin cells. This therapy is known to work on cell regeneration, as well as elastin and collagen stimulation.

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy helps penetrate the skin the deepest of all available LED light therapies, supporting cellular regeneration. It also helps reduce inflammation, which can help you replace or repair damaged tissues. This way, it also helps deal with aging signs, such as wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, etc.

Amber Light Therapy

Amber light works to penetrate the skin on a low level. It promotes the surface level healing of skin and helps to reduce redness, inflammation, and swelling. 

How Anti-Aging LED Devices Help Reduce Wrinkles and Other Anti-Aging Signs

Based on multiple research, infrared light therapy and red light therapy can improve skin complexion significantly. If strong red or infrared light is used in a LED light therapy device, and the light is radiated on the specific area of the skin that has anti-aging signs, it can help increase the density of collagen and reduce aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. But you can’t just go for an LED light therapy device of just any brand. You need to make sure that the LED light therapy device you are using is clinically proven to work and is cleared by the FDA. 

LED light therapy devices can be of different types, such as lightbox, face masks, handheld light therapy devices, portable light therapy devices, etc. You can easily use these devices at home all by yourself. You will need to use a red or infrared light in your LED light therapy device since the light of these two colors has anti-aging effects. And these two specific wavelengths are verified clinically for enhancing the natural collagen-generating ability of the body. When you take this therapy, it will help generate elastin and collagen in your skin by activating the fibroblast cells. Light therapy functions by penetrating your skin and working on a cellular level to generate necessary hormones and chemical reactions. 

Since natural wavelengths of light are used, it’s completely safe to take LED light therapy.

Final Words

LED light therapy can be taken very easily at home using an anti-aging LED device. However, it’s important that you consult your dermatologist before going through this therapy. To get the best result out of this therapy, you must take it constantly for a certain period. You need to take this therapy after you have washed your face and used sunscreen or other topicals that might contain ingredients that can block light. You can also try combining various skin care products like vitamin C serum, retinol-based creams or serums, etc., with light therapy for maximum output.

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