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Herschel is a famous screenwriter. He wrote many stories that converted into blockbusters. People from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom were huge fans of his writings.

Herschel Weihgrod Wiki: Have a look at his biography.

Screenwriter Herschel Alan Weingrod was born on October 30, 1947. He penned and cowrote several Hollywood hits with fellow author Timothy Harris, such as Trading Places, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, and Space Jam. Both of his parents are Jewish. He is a London Film School alumnus. More data on Herschel needs to collect on online platforms. 

Herschel Weihgrod Wiki: Age

Herschel is 76 years old. Herschel was the cofounder of Weingrod/Harris Productions during his career. Writer of several screenplays, in collaboration with collaborator Timothy Harris, and producer of television films such as Street of Dreams (CBS, 1988) and Falling Down and Lift.  There is no information on his parents.

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Name Herschel Weingrod
Born in the year 30, October 1947
Age 76
Place of Birth Milwaukee
Occupation Writer
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net Worth Unknown


Here is the list of Herschel’s writings and the year of their release

As writer

  • In the year 1981 Cheaper to Keep Her got released.
  • Trading Places released in the year1983.
  • Brewster’s Millions released in the year 1985.
  • Lifted released in the year 1988.
  • Twins released in the year 1988.
  • In 1988 My Stepmother Is an Alien got released.
  • In 1990 Kindergarten Cop got released.
  • Pure Luck released in year 1991.
  • Lift released in the year 1992.
  • Falling Down released in the year 1993.
  • Space Jam released in 1996.

SCREENPLAYS Presented in 1988 for Lifted. 

SCREENPLAYS Presented in 1988 for Lifted

 New Line Entertainment was established in 1991 with Salome Breziner for Lift. 

Sidelights: During his early career, screenwriter Herschel Weingrod, born in 1947 in Milwaukee par, met with British author Timothy Harris. After founding Weingrod/Harris Productions together, they cowrote and created several motion pictures for the big screen and television. More details on Herschel are available on the Herschel Weingrod Wiki.

Here is a brief view of Trading Places.

Among the couple’s first hits is Trading Places. Actors Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy portray wealthy brothers in this role-reversal comedy. Who bets to discover the real impact of the situation over birth? The film shows the outcome of their wager. The brothers set up a scheme to charge a young partner (Dan Ackroyd) in their Philadelphia brokerage company for theft at the beginning of the Christmas season. 

 84% Falling Down Producer $40.4M 1993
 52% Kindergarten Cop Screenwriter $88.6M 1990
 39% Twins Screenwriter $107.4M 1988
 30% My Stepmother Is an Alien Screenwriter $12.9M 1988
 56% Brewster’s Millions Screenwriter 1985
 85% Trading Places Writer 1983

After locked up and charged with drug trafficking, he is freed on bond thanks to an unusual hooker (Jamie Lee Curtis). Eddie Murphy, a poor black hustler, is then scooped up off the sidewalk by the twins and given the life of a relocated rich man, replete with a townhouse and employment. Many people were eager to know about his net worth.

Murphy’s character soars like cream while Ackroyd’s character descends. The men who duped come together to flip their backs on the billionaires and exact retribution after they understand how much the brothers had lied. The New Republic’s Stanley Kauffman commented, “The fundamental story trick was old since Mark Twain employed it in The Prince of Wales and the Pauper.” According to a People contributor, the movie is a “satisfying comedy,” and the “climax works to perfection.”


Here, the life journey of Herschel as a famous screenwriter elaborated in the post. The hits of his writings, along with the score, mentioned. People were eager to watch his films. Herschel is a kind-hearted person who helps needy people. Know more about Herschel online.

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