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Get the complete detail on Lorenzo Steven Wikipedia murder case and the verdict of the most sensible case in the nation.

Do you have any idea who Lorenzo Steven is and why he will talk about this on the web? It is stunning news on the grounds that Lorenzo Steven is a criminal who endeavors ruthless wrongdoings.

This news is moving in the US and the Unified Realm, and individuals are searching for Lorenzo Steven Wikipedia. In this manner, look down and snatch all the fundamental and moving realities.

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And the Memoir of Lorenzo?

Steven Lorenzo was found liable in the Tampa Murder case. In the Florida instance of a twofold crime, Steven Lorenzo is blamed. Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz were killed, and Steven Lorenzo was seen as at legitimate fault for their homicides.

On February 24, 2023, Steven Lorenzo was executed in the Tampa murder case, carrying him to the public’s consideration and putting him on the most recent news.

Lorenzo Steven Murders

Michael Wachholtz and Gay Jason Galehouse were killed, and Steven Lorenzo Story was seen as at legitimate fault for the two wrongdoings. Twenty years after two men were mercilessly killed and tormented, a twofold killer was in the long run viewed as at legitimate fault for his horrible demonstrations.

After the men were manhandled and quieted in Florida, Steven Lorenzo was viewed as at legitimate fault for the 2003 killings and given capital punishment for Jason’s 2003 killings.

Do you have any idea how Steven Lorenzo treated his Casualties?

On the primary day of Lorenzo’s government preliminary, Schweickert point by point to the preliminary all that he and Lorenzo did to their casualties. Schweickert affirmed that he and Lorenzo quieted, mistreated, and killed Galehouse and Waccholtz, then, at that point, disposed of their bodies, all through a government preliminary on February 7.

What were the Wrongdoings Steven Lorenzo carried out?

Steven Lorenzo, an admitted executioner, was given a passing by deadly infusion sentence by Hillsborough Region Judge Christopher Sabella for the two killings he chose to commit in 2003. Lorenzo uncovered tempting, abusing, actually manhandling, killing, and abusing Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz in December last year.

Speedy Wiki of Lorenzo-

Real Name Steven Lorenzo
Popular Name Steven Lorenzo Tampa
Date of Birth 1959 Born
From Florida, USA
School Name Unknown
Higher Education Not Known
University/ College Name Not available
Known For Tampa Murder Case
Social media profile  Not available
Crime Serial rapist of gay men – Torture

Story of Steven Lorenzo-

On Thursday, each of the 10 charges were documented against Steven Lorenzo for tranquilizing, actually manhandling and abusing nine men. As per the arraignment, in December 2003, Lorenzo and Scott Schweikert killed Michael Wachholtz and Jason Galehouse.

He hasn’t, be that as it may, been blamed for killing them. An association among Lorenzo and the vanishings of undoubtedly six other gay men in Tampa and Post Lauderdale is likewise being investigated by examiners.

Who Is Steven Lorenzo?

Lorenzo was sentenced on government drug charges in 2005 and is carrying out a 200-year bureaucratic punishment. He kept up with his honesty until before the end of last year when he presented a blameworthy request and owned up to the killings. Notwithstanding, he asserts he was only one of a few men that took part in the killings.

How Did Steven Lorenzo Respond?

Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz, two young fellows who had met Lorenzo at a Tampa club, disappeared in 2003. The men were sedated, physically tormented, and seized by Lorenzo with the help of his flat mate Scott Schweicker, as per the proof.


In view of our profound exploration we can say, Lorenzo is viewed view as blameworthy in a preliminary and condemned to 200 years in prison on January 28, 2006.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Steven Lorenzo: Who is he?

Ans-Steven Lorenzo was found blameworthy in the twofold manslaughter case in Tampa.

Q.2 What is Steven Lorenzo’s Age?

Ans-63 years of age.

Q.3 What is Steven Lorenzo’s total assets?

Ans-Not known.

Q.4 What is Steven Lorenzo’s significant other’s name?


Q.5 Would he say he is known as a chronic executioner?


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