Key Things to Know Before Using a Bong Ash Catchers

How to Using a Bong Ash Catchers

Using a Bong Ash Catchers: The use of bongs, bubblers and other cannabis smoking devices is steadily rising across various parts of the world. People smoke their preferred flowers as much for recreational purposes as they do for the medicinal properties of these natural plants.

Using a glass ash catcher with a smoking device enables regular smoking enthusiasts to enjoy cooler and incredibly smoother hits. These eye-catching appliances are highly functional and meant for everyday use, enhancing the overall smoking experience for beginners and pros alike.

However, finding a suitable catcher, knowing its exact perks, and determining where to buy it are some critical challenges that first-timers typically face. Refer to the following pivotal points to get started on the right course of action.

What an ash catcher does

While more research is warranted on the medical and health benefits of cannabis variants, the results from current and past studies show it has exceptional potential indeed. It can alleviate chronic pain in cancer patients and those with arthritis or HIV, and it can also enable people to combat stress caused due to trauma, work pressure, and other reasons.

Invariably, more people are now buying bongs and ash catchers together to enjoy clean smoke that can help them deal with existing health ailments. But while you already know that the apparatus is attached to the smoking device, how exactly does the catcher work?

As the name precisely suggests, the ash catcher is meant to capture ash, resin, tar, and other debris arising from cannabis smoke. It collects these impurities first and then sends clean, debris-free smoke into the pipe for users to inhale. Also, the smoke is cooler when it is finally inhaled by the users, ensuring they do not burn their throats and lungs.

The advantages of using one

Beginners who need a clearer understanding of how helpful ash catchers are can refer to the following list of their primary benefits.

  • They ensure clean and cool hits.
  • They help keep the bongs and the water inside cleaner.
  • They eliminate the build-up of residue inside the pipes.
  • Devices with percolators provide extra filtration and produce unmatched clean hits.
  • Excellent variants can ensure the PH levels are regular in the body by delivering smooth, impurities-free smoke.
  • They prevent stains, bacterial growth, and residue in the smoking device.
  • You can enjoy smoke without the harsh aftertaste or the cotton-mouth syndrome.

Where to buy a good-quality ash catcher 

In the modern world run by technology, you can buy pretty much anything online with the click of a button. The scenario is much the same for head shops that retail excellent products online, ensuring their customers have a convenient time browsing and shopping on the website. Also, they generally have a more extensive collection of items than physical head shops that can store only a limited amount of goods at a time.

Therefore, find a reputable online vendor and look through the exciting buying options in their catalog. Pick ash catchers you like, add them to your virtual shopping cart, and make payment within minutes. Depending on the particular store policies, you can expect the delivery of your products in approximately a week or two, perhaps even less.

Besides free shipping, several online retailers provide a convenient return or exchange policy, making the buying process that much easier for existing and new customers.

Diverse buying options

When you venture to find the best glass ash catcher to suit your specific requirements, you will realize quickly how vast the options are. To determine which one you should buy, know the basic types first.

  1. Honeycomb – This remarkable design is meant for maximum filtration, ensuring users enjoy debris-free smoke. It has a recycling chamber that prevents stacking of the honeycomb apparatus and diffusing the smoke before you can inhale it.
  2. Showerhead – In simple terms, the showerhead variant is simply a percolator within the catcher itself and ensures the water levels remain steady above the slits. However, traditional models may fall prey to untoward accidents where unclean water may seep into pipes. Therefore, consider getting the interior showerhead variant offering an excellent drag and high-quality diffusion. 
  3. Tree Ash – Explicitly named for their design, tree ash catchers are sturdy and known for their efficiency in diffusing smoke. Since they are available in various joint angles, buyers can quickly find the one most suitable for their devices.
  4. Non-diffusing catcher – When you first see this design, you may marvel at its simplicity, but it only seems that all the apparatus does is allow the water-filled chamber to sit underneath the slide. In effect, you will notice that it can effectively trap falling debris and keep it captured.

So, remember the above crucial information, find the best vendor, and land an excellent ash catcher deal to enhance your smoking experience like never before.

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