Woman Eaten by Alligator Full Video: What Is Latest Update on The Lady Who Gets Eaten in Florida By An Animal? Check Now!

Latest News Woman Eaten by Alligator Full Video

This article on Woman Eaten by Alligator Full Video includes details of the horrifying occurrence that took the life of an elderly lady.

Did the alligator eat an older woman? Can you believe that an alligator ate a woman? The elderly lady was recently pulled by an alligator and eaten by an alligator, terrifying people in the United States and other global areas. Given the diversity of animals in Florida, alligators are a well-known species often found in all its water bodies.

Alligators cannot be commonly noticed, but they can be deadly or dangerous to life when they appear. Uncover what occurred to a lady and Woman Eaten by Alligator Full Video by studying this article.


Facts about a deadly instance are included in this article; however, we disapprove of it.

Was the woman eaten by the alligator shown in the recent video clip?

Many people are checking online platforms for the complete footage of the most recent alligator attack on a female victim in Florida to fully understand and view the horrific situation that has shocked the internet. The footage depicts Gloria Serge, 85, who was walking with her dog close to the water body, was dragged by a ten-foot-long alligator. 

Alligator attacks of international notoriety that have recently captured the nation’s focus have prompted debate on preventing these regrettable happenings. The full video, which has already been widely circulated online, has stunned and traumatized many individuals worldwide.

Was the woman eaten by the alligator shown in the recent video clip

Woman Gets Eaten by Alligator in Florida: 

The 85-year-old older woman was the Florida-based resident attacked by a gigantic alligator. The lady fell into the ocean after the alligator leaped on her and dragged her was captured on CCTV. 

The alligator’s brutality and the perpetrator’s helplessness were caught on video. In addition, the incident has raised concerns about the dangers of living near such species and the need for care during this time.

Were the attempts to save the lady or her pet made?

A ten-foot alligator ate a lady while trying to protect her dog. Although she attempted to flee and defend her canine, she could not succeed due to the presence of a 700-pound gator that was too strong and completely ate her.

The incident of Woman Eaten by Alligator Full Video has left the perished victim’s family and acquaintances in shock and fear.

Why are people concerned after the alligator incident?

The tragic alligator attack that claimed a woman’s life has caused many to wonder what protection measures should be in place to prevent future occurrences. The video shows the alligator’s ferocious vigor and the lady’s heroic struggles to live.

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The frightening event of an alligator who ate a lady is captured on a CCTV camera when the alligator approaches the older lady and drags her into the reservoir. The entire attack video was viral on social media sites, causing a disturbance and prompting questions about residents’ safety near the alligator habitats.

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Woman Eaten by Alligator Full Video: FAQs

Q1. Who killed an older woman?


Q2. Who was killed in an attack by an alligator?

Gloria Serge 

Q3. How old was Gloria Serge?

85 years 

Q4. Did the alligator eat Gloria?

Yea, the Alligator ate Gloria.

Q5. Who was with Gloria Serge in her last moments?

Her dog

Q6. What was Gloria Serge doing near the reservoir?

The lady was walking near the reservoir.

Q7. What was the weight of the alligator who ate Gloria Serge?

700 pounds

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