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All Information About Write For Us Cats

Kindly go through the necessary guidelines to write and submit the Write For Us Cats guest posts on our website 

Are you a writer and looking for an opportunity to share your content? Do you wish to grow as a content writer? Do you know a unique writing style and technique? If you have any of the above queries, you are indeed on the correct website.

We share a fantastic guest post-writing opportunity with interested writers. The submitted post should have proper details mentioned on the relevant topic, and it must be engaging. So, immediately submit your completely authentic guest posts on our platform. Kindly read the shared guidelines below to make a proper submission of your Write For Us Cats blogs.

True Purpose of Our Team!

Genuinereviewsteam is a popular online platform that mainly shares reviews for news, products, or websites. We make people aware of a fake or an authentic website. Also, our platform is known for its authenticity and accuracy. Our team members strive entirely for the reader’s satisfaction. The team members of Genuinereviewsteam blogs are highly experienced in their fields. Thus, our team consistently delivers the perfect blogs through our website. So, you can entirely rely on our platform to submit your well-researched Write for Us + Cats guest posts. We are the most trusted online platform that shares authentic reviews and more.

Invitation for Writing the Guest Post to Us!

Here, we invite all to submit their self-written and plagiarism-free write-ups on our website. The writers will get a lot of benefits for sharing their blogs. Also, the writers shared content will gain a quick response from global mass audiences. Thus, we invite you to write perfect cat-related guest pots for us. 

Criteria for Sharing The Cats Write for Us Guest Post!

Our website has no strict eligibility or criteria for sharing a guest blog. However, the writers should strictly follow the guidelines to share their guest blogs on our website. You are open to accept your writings on the relevant topic and choosing your headings and titles is essential. We are waiting for the guest blogger’s posts patiently.

Latest Rules for Submitting the Write-ups!

The writers must submit crisp and perfect content through their blogs. Our team tries to deliver the best results through our website. So, to share the “Write for Us” + Cats blogs, it is essential to follow all the instructions correctly to deliver an error-free write-up. The writers must remember that our team accepts only the best content for our platform.

  • The writers must prefer a genuine source to write the guest posts for us.
  • Make sure to keep the word limit within 1500 to 2500.
  • Create easy-to-understand content so that the readers can connect with it easily.
  • The plagiarism score should be zero for the submitted blog.
  • The shared Write For Us Cats blogs should promote informative content through it.
  • Brief descriptions on the relevant topics and their issues should be discussed in the blog.
  • The readability score should be above 60%.
  • The shared blog should hold a grammar score of 98+.
  • Also, the spam score of the guest blog must not exceed 3%.
  • External links in the writing are necessary. So, the writer must attach a relevant external link after finishing 80% of the guest blog. Also, the writer must highlight the appropriate crux phrases in green.
  • The Write For Us Cats post has proper keywords mentioned in it.
  • We prefer the shared write-ups in active voice only.

Take the Following Advantages of Writing a Guest Post!

Well, many of the writers may need to learn the additional benefits of their guest blogs. The writers will get the benefits if they choose our platform to submit their well-written blogs. For more details, the writers have to go through the below point.

  • The writers can improve their blogging skills through our platform.
  • All the keen writers can share their Cats + “Write for Us” blogs with a large audience.
  • The writers will get opportunities to explore some new platforms.
  • You can start your professional writing career with our platform
  • You will have a published article that you can easily use to enhance your job resumes.
  • You can have the SERP test to know your guest post writing ability.

Please rely on the Trending Topics to Write For Us!

Knowledge of the latest topics is essential to write a good guest post. So, you can select any of the latest topics for the Write For Us Cats guest posts. The writers are also open to share the details on any other issues. We have mentioned a few of the latest topics below:-

  • Risks of having domestic cats.
  • Why are Cats the Best Pets?
  • Adoption of Cat as Pet.
  • Are Cats better than Dogs?
  • How to Train Your Cats?
  • Characteristics of Different Cat Breeds.

Thus, these are some of the topics mentioned above. So, you can easily follow them, or you are free to choose any other trending topic.

Instructions For Cats “Write for Us” Post Submission!

If you are looking for an authentic platform to share your guest posts, then we are the perfect option. To send your blogs, you must adhere to the instructions described above. Also, ensure you attach proper bio details with the guest posts while submitting. Mail your contents to the below-provided email ID. Our team will review your submitted content and revert with further steps.


So, for more exposure and self-growth as a writer, you should start mailing your Write For Us Cats guest blogs now. Also, make sure to proofread your content before sharing it with us. We accept proper write-ups with zero errors and zero plagiarism. Copied content will face direct rejections. So, share only original write-ups with us. To submit your guest blogs, mail us at genuinereviewsteam@gmail.com.

Also, you can learn the proper way to pet a cat here. We hope our blog helped the writers understand the guidelines and procedure for submitting the guest post. For more queries, you can contact us through the mentioned email ID.

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