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The article highlights the important points to be noted while submitting the Write for Us + General Guest Post article to the Genuinereviews website.

Are you the person who possesses all of the necessary skills for creating online content? Can you present unique content that distinguishes itself from the monotonous content that circulates on the internet? Then you have reached the right platform where you can demonstrate your skills to our wider reader base through our popular “ Write for Us + General Guest Post “articles. But before that, we request the every interested person to read this full article without fail.

About our platform genuinereviews.org

Genuinereviews.org website contributes its content to the people with the goal of uplifting and enlightening the lives of others. If we rate the quality of our content, it will show the highest rating, even our competitors fail to compete with us. Our contentlike General + Write for Us articles, is published after several checkpoints and revisions, so it is accurate and legit with the help of our most skilled content writers.

We would like to list some of the popular genres here, and they are,

  • Recent News 
  • Website Reviews
  • Latest Product Reviews
  • Shopping Tips
  • Business Tips
  • Healthcare Topics

Write for Us + General articles: Essential Qualifications

We want to emphasize the topic once more: “general topics,” which means that the writers can choose their interests and present them to our readers. But this world holds many surprises and advancements for us, and we must learn about them. So, we expect the “Write for Us” + General writers to pick a topic that can impact people’s lives. Anyone can share any information, but the true nature of the divine is to share useful and authentic information.

Education qualification: A person can be from any stream of study, and we haven’t set any mandated courses.

Experience: Even a novice can attempt; we believe in the value of work, not experience.

Reference topics for Write for Us General articles

We want to present references because we aim for unique and creative content. The below-mentioned topics are only for reference; it is not mandatory to use only these topics. Here we go,

  • Everyday applications of blockchain technology in day-to-day life
  • Intangible currencies and their real faces
  • The “Write for Us” + “General” guest post writers can also write about some motivational and inspirational stories with live examples from the present scenario. Everyone needs a daily dose of motivation, so let us cheer up our readers too.
  • Ways to stay aware of internet hackers and scammers
  • New technological advancements in the electronic gadgets
  • Detailed analysis of modern-day diseases and their prevention tips

How to present the General Write for Us articles?

  • As our team is completely opposed to mature and false rumor content, we request the writers not take any of its associated content in their articles.
  • We support only 100 percent unique content; don’t copy anyone’s work. The guest post writers can check that by using online plagiarism tools. Write for Us+ General authors should make sure to reach the 100 % unique level. Otherwise, the writers can edit it and send it to us.
  • Every sentence should be free from grammar and vocabulary errors. Grammarly is highly recommended for finding out the errors.
  • The threshold grammar score of >98 has to be maintained in the document compulsorily.
  • Authors can add any interesting and non-copywritten images. 

“Write for Us” + General article SEO guidelines

The guest post writers should write the article in such a way that it receives a high SEO score, and the following tips may assist us in achieving a higher SEO score.

  • Use of appropriate internal and external links
  • Keywords with a high SEO score are to be included.
  • Maintain the spam value at less than 6%.

General + “Write for Us” Writer’s Advantages with genuinereviews team:

  • The Genuinereviews team offers good suggestions and feedback to improve the work of guest post writers, and our editorial team will help them with editing work.
  • Our platform has more monthly visitors, so we already have the audience to support the works of the authors.  

How to send the General “Write for Us” articles to our team?

The guest post contributors are asked to contact our platform’s editorial team with any questions and submissions. Their Email Address [caregenuinereviews@gmail.com]

Our editing team will respond to all the queries as early as possible, depending on their workload.


Genuinereviews team would like to share the terms and conditions at the end of this Write for Us + General Guest Post article. All selected articles should not be reposted or shared on any other website. The guest post writers should make a note of it, and our editorial team has all the rights to edit and modify the General Topics writers’ works. All these conditions are for the benefit of the writers and readers. We care about everyone, so come and witness that.

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