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This post, Write for Us + News Guest Post, will give all the information in detail about guest blogs on the Genuinereviews site

Do you prefer to stay current on both domestic and foreign News? Do you consider producing quality news content? If you can aid others with News and have daily updates, write a blog article for the Genuinereviews website. The guest post on News enables readers to stay up to date with the most recent events taking place across the world. However, you must read the website’s key guidelines before writing a piece for any online publication. Please read this article, Write for Us + News Guest Postthrough to the conclusion.

About Genuinereviews 

On the platform Genuinereviews website, you can get international News via News + Contribute for Us. But in addition to providing local, national, and international News, we also focus on a number of other specialized areas. These themes may be connected to those in the fields of science, News + Write for Us health, education, Metaverse, economy, reviews, cryptocurrency, pets, the environment, world news, business, production, fashion, entertainment, home décor, and many others. Please learn more about these issues on our website.

Our anticipation for Write for Us + News

  • The writers should become familiar with the guidelines for creating a guest post. To join the team at Genuinereviews, the contributors must meet the necessary requirements. These are the few things we ask of guest blog contributors.
  • The authors should produce content between 500 and 1000 words. Please remember to stay within the word limit.
  • The “Write for Us”+News cannot have any errors in it, including grammar, spelling, etc. It must have a grammatical score of 98 to 100 percent.
  • The contributors ought to provide insightful news-related information. Selecting current themes would be beneficial.
  • Before creating news blogs, the subject matter should be extensively investigated.
  • To preserve readability, one must keep in mind that the article must contain relevant information.

The subjects suggested for Write for Us News.

Some writers struggle to select an appropriate or correct heading for news items. Therefore, we advise you to review the list of available topics. You can use these subjects as inspiration for your news blogs.

  • What exactly is global News?
  • Prime Time News
  • Big International News Headlines for Today
  • “Write for Us” + “News”
  • This week’s major headlines
  • Top News in Today’s Headlines
  • Real Updates
  • National Emergency

Any subject that is relevant to the News is available to the contributors. You can look for the most recent news stories, choose one, and write a whole article. If you believe it to be a current issue, you are allowed to choose any topic.

Guidelines for News Write for Us

  • Contributors should provide insightful news-related material. Selecting current themes would be beneficial.
  • Tools for detecting copied lines are available, like Copyscape. For each term with copied content, you can substitute another word.
  • Please color a link to an external website green. Additionally, you can highlight internal links and keywords in blue.
  • After it is 70% complete, the transmitters must add a link to Write for Us+News.
  • There must be 90 to 105 words between each keyword.
  • An acceptable amount of spam on the external website is 2% to 3%. However, you must not go over the proper amount; else, it will be denied.
  • The Writing for Us+News must have a readability rating of 90% or above.

SEO Best Practices “Write for Us” + News

  • When producing blog posts, you should adhere to certain SEO best practices.
  • Since Genuinereviewsis a popular platform, the SEO ranking should be preserved.
  • Put precise word gaps between each term. Each keyword should be highlighted in blue.
  • Links must be referenced in the article, and they should be highlighted in green.
  • Use only links that are relevant to your article and are both useful and informative.

Benefits of writing News + “Write for Us” On Genuinereviews

  • To publish a guest post, one is allowed to do so on any website. From other websites, we stand out the most because:
  • We received a top-notch SERP class.
  • One thousand people may view our titles.
  • Since they are all centred on SEO.
  • The new contributors are mentored by a group of seasoned editors and publishers.

News Submissions: News “Write for Us”

Emails, including guest article files, should be sent to EMAIL (caregenuinereviews@gmail.com). Our crew checks the guest posts and returns them to the sender as soon as possible. Probably a day will pass before we get back to you. But it might happen early. Please be patient while waiting for a response.


As this article on Write for Us + News Guest Post comes close, the contributors can understand the precise format of creating guest material on News. Visit the team members on Genuinereviews if you have any additional questions about the guest post.

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