Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post: Read All Qualifications To Submit a Guest Post!

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The article describes the preferred educational qualifications required for the Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post writers to present their genuine articles.

Are you a shopping expert who possesses great knowledge of trends? Are you looking for an exquisite platform to exhibit your interest and knowledge? Then our team heard all your wishes and urges and decided to publish Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post articles. Thus, the person who is more interested in writing can use this chance, but every chance will come with some set of protocols and guidelines, and even we have those and expect our writers to go through them.

About our website “Genuinereviews.org”

We are a forum that hosts highly authentic and genuine content that is reflected in our works, such as Shopping + Write for Us articles. And our readers understood our mission to create authentic content, and they have consistently and flawlessly supported our every effort. As a result, our readership is becoming more diverse, with more professionals and people from various regions.

Our genuine content is getting published in these niches.

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Write for Us + Shopping writers Preferred Qualifications and Skill Sets

Shopping is the term that helps us relieve our stress and even can lighten up our mood, but in recent years, shopping has evolved so differently from being an offline activity to an online activity.

Every change will have some disadvantages. And the guest post writers should take responsibility for bringing out the hidden secrets in the shopping activity through their “Write for Us” + Shopping article.

Because shopping has become the focal point for all scams and hacking, even highly educated people are losing their hard-earned money. Thus, we have decided to publish this shopping article to create awareness and give genuine shopping suggestions to our readers.

Educational Qualification: The marketing professionals can take up the “Write for Us” + “Shopping” articles to expose hidden marketing strategies to the public or present the ways to get the maximum discounts, etc.

A person with great knowledge can also share their experience with us.

Technical experience: As it is a general topic, we didn’t expect a mandatory experience level from the guest post writers.

Skills: Good writing skills in American English are required.

Write for Us Shopping Reference topics

We have listed some references to help the writers to choose a trending, interesting, and informative topic.

  • Hidden secrets behind great discounts on online shopping sites
  • Ways to get great discounts from online shopping sites, for example, Starbucks, offers free coffee on a person’s birthday, but most people need to be made aware of these business strategies of various brands.
  • Methods to stay aware of scammers and fake websites

Shopping Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • Word limit: 750 to 1500 words
  • Guest post contributors should not promote brands; their job is to deliver information, not promote them.
  • The article should be loaded fully with 100% genuine and authentic information; kindly don’t copy other content because we won’t value that article.
  • Writers can make use of images and illustrations to back up their Write for Us+ Shopping articles.
  • They should refrain from making grammatical errors in their article, and proofreading and using online grammar-correcting tools may help them to rectify their errors.
  • The article’s readability score should be higher than 85%; to make it happen, the writers should properly use the sub-heading distributions, cut the lengthy paragraph into 4 to 5 lines, and list the points using bullets.

“Write for Us” + Shopping articles SEO guidelines

  • The article should contain the necessary high-SEO score keywords related to the selected topics.
  • The keywords can be made bold and highlighted in different colors.
  • Guest post writers should also maintain the keyword density and its gap uniformly.
  • Using legit internal and external links helps increase our article’s SEO score.

Advantages for the Shopping + “Write for Us” writers

  • We have a friendly and professional editing team that will help the writers with their doubts and queries. Our assistance may benefit the writers’ future professional writing.
  • The writers can learn about SEO strategies and their practical examples with our team.
  • As we have a strengthened reader base, they will shower their support on the guest post writers’ works too.

How to submit the Shopping “Write for Us” article?

The article should be submitted in.doc format; please don’t send it in PDF format, and the writer should send their work to this Email Address [caregenuinereviews@gmail.com]


In this section, we’d like to empathize with one of the professional ethics writers must uphold, namely, that writers should not repost or reshare their chosen Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post articles from our forum to another platform. Please be genuine with our platform, and you will surely reap the benefits of it through your Shopping articles.

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