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Are you passionate about creative writing? Do you feel that you can share your thoughts and beliefs in an informative way to the readers? Well, then our platform is the best for you as here you can Write for us guest post for numerous types of products, websites, and news. 

Our team always encourages the enthusiasm of writers and their dedicated efforts in exploring and constructing informative reviews. We always welcome talented writers to write for us general reviews on varied websites and products. The writers here will be glad to know that our team publishes General write for us guest post so that readers can get authentic information about the website and products. 

Here we are also happy to make sure that every writer will get paid for every word they write. Our team always respects the efforts of every writer in constructing valuable content for us. 

In this world of technology, loads of online portals are on the surge. But many get confused whether these are genuine or not. Here, we publish the write-ups that can reveal all the necessary information about a website. Our team is keen on delivering truthful and well-informative content so that readers can understand the legitimacy of a website or product. 

We also accept Guest posts for general topics, which we publish in the form of NEWS. These topics contain detailed information about recent happenings in the world, updates on games or technologies. We take pride in mentioning that our news will help readers know whether the news is a scam or genuine. 

What types of write-ups do we publish?

All writers need to understand the type of content we publish on our website. Here all can take a look at the type of write-ups.

Articles on Website Reviews: Website reviews are comprised of scrupulous research of the website. Here, the writers get essential guidelines like reference url, which help them complete the content with useful information and Submit guest post. In addition, every review needs to mention the facts relating to the legality of the website. Here we suggest writers mention necessary customer feedback keeping a universal flair.

Articles on Product reviews: Writers who have a good flair for writing can submit a Guest post for a product review with us. These articles should contain all dependable aspects and stipulations of the product. In addition, we also suggest writers share ingenious figures relating to the legitimacy of the commodities so that our valued readers can get all relevant details about the product. Our aim is to help readers to make sensible decisions before they start online shopping. 

Promotional contents:- Promotional content will always pay attention to endorsing merchandise or an e-commerce portal. Here the writers need to mention all sale-related details and relevant offers, discounts of the products so that online shoppers find it easy to avail those offers once they buy them.  

News articles:- This type of article provides the present trend in technology, developments on online games that readers always look for. We ensure that these news blogs can help readers know whether the news is a scam or genuine. Hence we always advise writers to Write for us blog based on authentic details. Writers can share their write-ups on up-to-date political news or relevant facts about a personality. 

The write-ups are related to business, fitness & well-being, advertising, travel, and technology. We always try to maintain the quality of every content, and hence we suggest writers write original content, and these should comply with the guidelines

Additionally, we believe that writers will consistently deliver error-free content devoid of plagiarism and enhance productivity write for us. Writers can also share their guest posts with their known so that the blogs can get more readers. 

Guidelines for writers 

We advise writers to follow Guest Contributor Guidelines, which have already been framed by our professional and qualified team. 

  • Writers need to add necessary specifications, benefits, and limitations for every product and website review.
  • Writers need to follow the reference links and mention all information according to the link. 
  • All data should be precise and truthful to our valued readers. 
  • Every article should possess the required sub-headings to make the article more educational. 
  • We advise writers not to use too many passive voices and write the contents in simple words.
  • Every content should be free from plagiarism.
  • Abstain from using offensive language
  • The content should be free from any grammatical mistakes. 
  • Writers are advised to follow our circulated news and reviews to comprehend the design. 
  • Our team does not allow the recurrence of facts in the article as readers can get bored. 
  • Writers are advised to submit Guest Posts of 1000 words. 

You can feel free to contact us at genuinereviewsteam@gmail.com to get more details. Our team will attend to you soon.