Commonly Asked Questions About CBD

Latest News Commonly Asked Questions About CBD

The buzz surrounding CBD isn’t over yet. CBD has transformed from a controversial ingredient to a legal recreational and medicinal product in the past few years. Nonetheless, there’s still a lot of confusion about the uncertainty of CBD. While most people don’t think it’s a passing fad, there is a lot of misinformation about CBD, especially surrounding its use and who should use it. Below are some common questions most people have about CBD.

  1. Is CBD different from marijuana?

Most people find it difficult to differentiate marijuana from CBD. While both are cannabis products, marijuana typically contains THC at high levels beyond the federal limits. On the other hand, CBD products have small to zero THC levels, typically less than 0.3%, which is lower than the legal federal limits.

  1. Does CBD make your Eyes bloodshot?

Another common question among beginners is does CBD give you red eyes? The presumption that cannabis causes red eyes and high feel isn’t entirely true. Red, bloodshot eyes are a common side effect of smoking marijuana because of the high THC levels. CBD products don’t contain THC and don’t cause red eyes.

  1. How do you Know CBD quality before Purchasing?

Unfortunately, determining that the CBD product is of quality can prove challenging. Many manufacturers, including scammers, have flooded the cannabis market. Nonetheless, the hallmark of quality CBD products is the presence of COA testing for potency and purity. CBD manufacturers should be transparent about their products, especially farming practices and test results.

  1. Is CBD oil Safe or Addictive?

CBD products are safe and not addictive if you purchase them from reputed medical dispensaries or suppliers with certification. Several studies have found that CBD products are generally well tolerated and have a good safety profile. The few reported side effects occur because of drug interactions between CBD and other medications.

Controlled studies haven’t found any potential for physical dependence or withdrawal from CBD use. CBD products have very low THC levels, and there is no reason CBD oil should be addictive.

  1. Which is the Best Way to Take CBD?

CBD is available in many formulations, meaning you can take them in different ways depending on your preference and lifestyle. The different formulations include:

  • CBD oil: Taken under the tongue and gives maximum absorption within minutes.
  • CBD drinks: CBD-infused drinks provide a delicious way to consume CBD.
  • CBD creams: Applied topically for pain relief, skin conditions, and other benefits.
  • CBD vape: Smoked like vapes, and are quickly absorbed but not long-lasting.
  • CBD edibles: Gummies are absorbed through the body’s digestive system.
  1. What is the Best Dosage, and How Long Does it Take for Effects to be Felt?

You should start with lower doses and increase gradually depending on your body’s response. CBD effects on the body vary from one person to another. The chosen intake method also determines the time it takes for effects to be felt. For instance, oral sprays can be felt within 30 minutes and last six hours.


Unlike before, the question or confusion isn’t whether CBD is effective or legal. Most interested users have interesting questions, especially because they have already decided on CBD usage.

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