5 Different Foods That You Should Store in Mylar Bags

Complete Information About 5 Different Foods That You Should Store in Mylar Bags

If you are wondering whether your company’s products are good candidates for affordable and customizable mylar bags, it helps to understand what product features lend themselves to this packaging. Generally, low-moisture foods that still need to preserve freshness are the best choice, and that includes snacks that need to stay soft like candies as well as most traditional dry goods.

All Kinds of Rice and Grains

Mylar is a very flexible packaging material that protects against air and moisture from the outside, which makes it an ideal basis for packaging rice and grains. Bulk sizes benefit from mylar’s compatibility with resealable bag designs to make storage convenient for customers, too.

Baking Supplies and Ingredients

Moisture-sensitive powdered and finely granulated goods are also very compatible with mylar packaging. Flour, sugar, and most spices benefit from the moisture protection, and the scent containment abilities of mylar are an indicator of its ability to keep flavor and aroma compounds safely contained, which also keeps your spices fresh.

Dried Fruits, Nuts, and Trail Mixes

Fruits, nuts, and trail mixes all share some common features that work really well, especially with resealable packages that are easy to take with you. Small and medium-size packaging allows consumers to toss these healthy snacks into a backpack or gym bag without having to bring along an extra container for anything that isn’t eaten in a single sitting.

Candy and Sweets

Locking in moisture levels at the exact point where your sweets are perfectly textured is the key to giving customers that freshly-made experience. While mylar does not work well for most high-moisture products without additional considerations like oxygen eaters, soft candies like gummy fruit slices and sweets like brownies both work well. Custom printed stand up pouches also provide you with flexibility when it comes to display space, which makes it easier for your products to stand out.


If you add up all the things mylar packaging does well, it should be no surprise that they make a formula that is great for coffee packaging.

  • Scent containment and freshness preservation
  • Moisture protection
  • Customizable graphics and information
  • Many size options to choose from
  • Resealable

Coffee manufacturers are using mylar pouches with a few different design features for both ground and while bean coffee packaging, and it is easy to find designs that include outgassing valves and other features specifically designed to make it easier to preserve coffee and other dry goods after opening. It should not surprise anyone that mylar pouches and bags have become the standard for specialty coffee packaging.

Customize Your Packaging Solution

When it comes to designing and implementing your packaging solution, go for everything you want and refuse to compromise. Your products make their first impressions on new customers when they come out of the packaging, and for multi-serving packaging, they continue to represent your brand until they’re gone. You need to make sure that representation makes you look good throughout the entire experience, and that means getting the packaging design and materials that deliver for you.

Finding the perfect packaging starts with an understanding of the right material. The next steps are figuring out the sizes you need, the extra features that support your goals, and the graphic design. Whichever one you tackle first, take your next step today.

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