Inside Look at GoIT Introductory Course for Beginners

Complete Information About Inside Look at GoIT Introductory Course for Beginners

Modern IT Training differs from tedious school studies behind the desk and with many subjects. IT courses in the 21st century are an interesting and exciting way to a new profession, from scratch to the first day of work.

In this article, we will look at the free programming courses Philippines for beginners, GoIT, which will be your runway, and you will quickly be able to take off to new successes. Want to start your career in IT as soon as possible? We know how to do it faster.

IT courses for beginners: from GoIT with love

Let’s take a closer look at what GoIT team offers for beginners in the IT field.

Marathon with FS

GoIT has free marathons to create small sites in 7 days. Yes, you read correctly – you can create your first website before you become a technician. In just one week, devoting up to 2 hours daily to browsing your first site will make you proud of yourself.

It is not just a marathon – this is a real challenge that will show you the everyday life of an IT professional. You will see:

  • that the IT specialty is not as complex as you thought earlier;
  • get a detailed plan “from a beginner in IT to the first job;”
  • you only need a computer and have everything else to start your career.

Here is what awaits you at the marathon:

Day 1. You will get to know the developer’s tools and create the structure of your future website with them.

Day 2. You will learn more about HTML markup language in practice and improve the site’s form.

Day 3-6. You will get acquainted with the language CSS and put aesthetic elements into your site. Next, you will fill your site with the necessary content. Already on the 6th day, your site will be ready for review.

Day 7. You will learn to publish your website online, send them a link, and boast to your friends.

Remember that we are not discussing online coding courses but the marathon. That means you can estimate the number of victories you will receive a week after the end of the marathon. Over 10,000 people worldwide have created their first project in GoIT, and 2,500+ are already writing their IT success stories.

UI/UX Designer Marathon

If you do not see your future behind the process of writing code but want IT – the UI/UX designer profession is created for you. Creating beautiful modern layouts and logos is a dynamic and creative profession.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to work in the design department, you’re not if you don’t have any drawings behind your desk. For four days on the marathon, you will try your hand at a new specialty and understand that you need a beginner to learn how to create models. 

Day 1. You will get to know Figma and other designer tools.

Day 2. You will learn more about styles and create your own little project.

Day 3. Bring more movement and animation to your project.

Day 4. Get an online webinar with real designers, where you determine your future in a new profession.

Such a marathon will be a great first step before tech courses, as you already try yourself in a new profession.

Test-drive IT professions

Unique marathon from GoIT where you can try yourself in the following professions and choose the most suitable for yourself:

  • Project Manager – a specialist who manages the team and ensures that the project is completed as required;
  • QA Engineer – tester who checks the final product for compliance with the owner’s requirements and documentation;
  • Full Stack developer – the professional who writes code and creates IT solutions;
  • UX/UI Designer – creates creative designs for future IT products with special tools;
  • Data Analyst is a specialist who optimizes business processes with the help of numbers and data sets.

The marathon lasts eight days; you can choose the most suitable profession during this time.

And this is not all possible marathons that you can go to for free:

  • QA Engineer marathon;
  • Java marathon;
  • Python marathon.

On these marathons, you will learn the basics and will be able to evaluate your strength. Throughout the marathon, you will have all the company’s management, so you will know to whom to turn for help. 

Marathons vs Tech courses: What to Choose?

If you want to start your way into IT, you better register for the marathon. The training is free, and you can learn about a particular career. In addition, you will receive a diploma after completing the marathon at 100%.

If you were already at the marathon and were satisfied with the work of the team and managers – you can safely register for IT courses online and begin learning. It is the best way to choose the most suitable training.

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