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Monika Kociolek Tshirt Video: The famous YouTuber as of late distributed a clasp that shows her in a tight Shirt doing a number related task for primary school understudies. 

Monika Kociolek: From YouTube to questionable activities

Monika Kociolek Tshirt Video. The young lady has had the option to develop a huge fan base lately and is presently one of the best YouTubers in German-talking nations.

Monika initially began her channel with cosmetics instructional exercises and comparative excellence themes. Nonetheless, her substance immediately created in a more private heading. Today, the force to be reckoned with gives a close understanding into her life on her channel, shares considerations and sentiments and furthermore resolves issues transparently.

This realness is the very thing Monika Kociolek Tshirt Video. In numerous recordings she seems helpless and agreeable. With her sure nature, Monika had the option to construct an unwavering local area that relates to her.

The dubious Shirt video by Monika Kociolek

Monika Kociolek’s most recent YouTube video is presently causing warmed conversations and debate. The notable YouTuber, who generally creates magnificence and way of life content, as of late shocked her fans with an extremely provocative clasp. In the very nearly 2-minute video, Monika should be visible wearing a tight-fitting shirt on which a straightforward math task for grade school understudies is imprinted in enormous letters.

The errand is: “200 x 100=”. Monika makes sense of in the clasp that many individuals offer some unacceptable response “20,000”. She accentuates that the right response is “20,000” and not “2,000,000”. This numerically right however provocatively introduced “guidance” to her generally youthful devotees created all in all a ruckus.

Solid responses to Monika’s Shirt video

Monika’s provocative video with the numerical illustration for her young adherents was not without results. In the remarks under the clasp, the negative responses were overpowering. Various fans were shocked and frustrated with the YouTuber.

The tone of the video specifically was vigorously censured. Many found Monika Kociolek Tshirt Video addressing way deigning and improper. Added to this was the sexualized show with the tight-fitting shirt. For certain devotees, the generally sure YouTuber obviously crossed a line.

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