Revanced Video Not Available: Reason For Extended Not Working, Method To Resolve

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YouTube ReVanced brings in many features. Use critical processes to resolve Revanced Video Not Available and Revanced Extended Not Working.

A lot of internet users woke up facing issues related to loading the ReVanced version of YouTube Worldwide. For the uninitiated, ReVanced is one of the most popular customised variants of the video-sharing application YouTube.

What makes YouTube ReVanced stand out from others is the extra functionalities it offers users. These include playing background music, using PiP mode and blocking unwanted ads.

However, a few users are facing issues like Revanced Video Not Available, which has created quite a stir among users worldwide.

This article deals with addressing the issue and assisting users in ensuring these can be rectified.

Revanced Video Not Available – What is the Issue Faced by Users?

Compared to YouTube, there is yet another alternative version of the popular app that is growing renowned among users on the internet Worldwide.

The application is an APK version available for Android users. Internet users are opting for this version for various reasons, including the enhanced viewing experience.

What is the Issue Revanced Video Not Available
What is the Issue Revanced Video Not Available

Installing YouTube ReVanced has numerous benefits. Some of the distinctive features offered by this APK version include the opportunity to use it in PiP mode, play the videos in the background, and block unwanted ads.

We unearthed more details related to the Revanced Extended Not Working cause. In the upcoming paragraphs, we elaborate on the method for resolving the issue.

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Revanced Extended Not Working – Reason and Cause

With the advantages of using some new functionalities, the app also has a few cons, including challenges the users face.

Sources say users have complained of certain features, which are major challenges. These include occasional app closures, complications in playing back the videos, and connectivity issues.

Users worldwide face these problems, which have become a trending topic on the internet.

Revanced Video Not Available – Methods to Resolve The Trouble

Below we have enlisted the complete details of resolving the issue due to Revanced Video Not Available.

Method to Revanced Video Not Available
Revanced Video Not Available
  • Employ DNS over HTTPs.
  • The process will help circumvent the blocks raised due to ISP or any other restrictions.
  • In addition, it will help in ensuring the unimpeded access to the content.
  • Furthermore, continue to verify and adjust the data setting for access
  • Use the app installed on your device to check the setting
  • This will ensure you get unrestricted access to the internet when using YouTube ReVanced.
  • As a third step, clear all the cache memory and data that is accumulated using YouTube ReVanced
  • The process will help to enhance the overall functionality of the app
  • Lastly, accurate the settings for the date and time on your device
  • These are essential for ensuring the online apps function properly
  • Recheck all settings to ensure the data added is accurate.

What is the Process for Resolving Revanced Extended Not Working?

Some of the reasons for resolving the YouTube ReVanced Not Loading issue. These include:

  • The application must be up to date. It is essential not to enable any issues related to functionalities.
  • Ensure to install the latest version, which will aid in updating any fixes related to bugs.
  • Another cause related to ensuring all the devices are compatible with YouTube ReVanced.
  • The device must be compatible with the app’s specifications and meet the minimum requirements for optimal functionality.
  • Ensure the internet connection is stable to load the app
  • Clear any corrupted app data which can lead to malfunctions
  • Use YouTube ReVanced or switch to a non-rooted device to resolve any issue.

Using these tips and processes will help resolve issues related to the loading and working of YouTube ReVanced on Android devices.

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