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Complete A Guide to Write For Us Gardening

This article discusses Write For Us Gardening and how to craft an engaging blog for the readers and audience.

Are you a gardening enthusiast? Does spending time in the greens make you feel rejuvenated? Do you sometimes feel the urge to share your experiences and insights on gardening with the world but don’t know how to harness it? This is then the right opportunity for you. We here are welcoming guest bloggers for our Write For Us Gardening articles. It is an excellent opportunity for all writers looking for a chance to enhance their skills, as well as professionals who want to share their ideas with the world.

So, please continue reading the entire article as we elaborate more on the policies and criteria the participants must follow for guest blogging.

What is Our Website About?

Our website is an international platform. We have categories ranging across all genres that are covered through our channel. In addition, we are comprised of excellent and professionally inclined writers who put in all the effort and strive to bring the best content to the readers. For our Write for Us + Gardening articles, we expect the writers to have a particular fondness for the topic and the ability to provide something unique to the readers with every new content.

Our multiple genres have garnered tremendous traction and have a significant readership. These include:

News Article: These articles deal primarily with informing the audience about the happenings in the country and on an international level. Herein, the articles are high-quality, researched, and provide facts.

Review section: These include in-depth researched articles related to newly started websites and products available on the internet. The motto is to keep readers vigilant about scam sites and make them aware before purchasing and selling.

Other categories, such as health, crypto, science, and lifestyle, are among the most popular genres visited by our readers.

Gardening Write for Us – Eligibility Regulations

Topics related to gardening are vast. However, with many articles already available on the internet, our expectation from the writers is to find issues that can add a new nuance to the already present ones. Hence, we have also outlined a few eligibility needs, which you can see in the below section.

Educational qualification: We are looking for various qualifications regarding gardening-related topics. However, we expect the writers to be graduates, freshers, or professionals in the industry who can add credibility to the content.

Professional qualification: We welcome writers from all walks of life, whether you are a professional blogger, a florist, a gardener, or a writer, to try your hands on this exciting guest blogging opportunity.

Content needs: The content must be well-structured and knowledgeable, with a reader takeaway.

“Write for Us” + Gardening – Few Topic Suggestions

Herein, we have highlighted topics that can be used as a reference for writers when building content. These are:

  • Excellent gardening skills required to start a garden
  • How do you turn your house into a greener neighborhood?
  • Best methods to keep pests away from your garden
  • Fresh seeds ideas for your backyard garden
  • Ways to grow stunning flowers in a sustainable manner
  • How to grow your food in your garden
  • Top ideas for cultivating beautiful pots and planters
  • Instant guide for growing pretty flowers
  • How to create a harmonious outdoor space?
  • Sustainable ways of increasing greener space
  • Beginner’s guide for starting your backyard garden.

Gardening + “Write for Us” – Rules and Guidelines

We deem to present to our readers articles that can drive them into thinking and build their knowledge. Hence, we have also set a few standards that all participating writers must follow when creating articles for our website. Could you read them carefully? These are:

  • The content must abide by the given word limit of 750 words to a maximum of 1000 words.
  • We request that writers not use any AI tools to generate content. If any article is identified to be developed using AI tools, it will be immediately rejected.
  • Please avoid overstuffing words to increase the word count
  • Every paragraph must be unique and highlight points related to the topic
  • Follow the heading tags to rank the content on the SERP
  • Proofreading and editing are must after every content is crafted

SEO Guidelines

In addition to essential instructions, following SEO rules is necessary for all content published on our website. Here are a few parameters that must mandatorily be followed, including:

  • Use heading tags for the content.
  • Include a meta description of 160 characters limit and a meta title of 55 characters limit for all the articles.
  • All Gardening “Write for Us” articles must include a title
  • Add keywords that convey what the content deems to say
  • Maintain proper keyword density
  • The entire content must look clean, with shorter sentences and paragraphs

Procedure for submitting Write for Us + Gardening sample articles

The content must follow the guidelines and instructions mentioned. All the participants must thoroughly read the policies and procedures before submission. Use only MS Word or Google Doc formats for guest blogging sample content. We do not accept PDF formats. All the samples must be shared with genuinereviewsteam@gmail.com.

Final Conclusion

Content creation is a huge responsibility. The writers must be aware of the nuances related to writing and understand the reader’s needs well. Knowing the pulse of the audience is the crux. Hence, we recommend that all writers thoroughly check the articles twice, thrice before sharing them with us for publication. In addition, we have detailed every required aspect of Write For Us Gardening in this article without missing anything. To learn more about gardening, click. If you have any queries, then please drop an email. Our team will quickly contact you to clarify any questions about content structuring.

How did you find this unique and different guest blogging opportunity? Please share how you liked this writing blog in the comments box.


This article elaborates in detail about Write For Us Gardening and discusses the nuances every participating writer for guest blogging must follow.

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