Write for Us General- Check Complete Guidelines for 2023

Complete A Guide to Write for Us General

Check out the complete guideline details for Write for Us General guest post.

Do you love writing news on everyday-related content? Do you have any content related to general news topics? We are providing opportunities to writers who have a deep understanding and knowledge of writing content and write a Write for Us General guest post that has unique and distinctive features and can grab the reader’s attention. 

The guest post will contain general topics seen in daily life, and hence, we are looking for writers who can write engaging content on various topics provided to them. We also provide the writers with a list of guidelines they must follow while writing their content and following the format correctly. If you are willing to join us by writing unique articles, we will make you a part of our team. 

About Genuinereviewsteam- Who are We?

Our online platform provides daily content related to news such as entertainment, sports, health, business, fashion, technology, and other everyday news. Currently, we are looking for writers who can provide us with Write for Us + General guest post blogs for our platform. 

We only accept unique content; the writers must ensure that the written content is not copied from other online platforms. We also do not accept any tarnished information and accept attractive and engaging content. There is always room for innovations and new ideas, and writers who can produce the most innovative information are always welcome to write for us. The guidelines required in the content are mentioned below, and they must ensure that all the points are correctly followed.

If the writers are confused about the guidelines and the importance of mentioning them in the article, let us tell you that the guidelines are essential in our content, and every writer should follow the guidelines and be included in their topic. 

List of guidelines for Write for Us + General guest post

Here is a list of all the guidelines to be included while writing the content.

  • The writers must write unique content within 1500 to 2000 words.
  • The articles written must be 100% unique and uncopied. We will reject all the copied contents at once.
  • Writers must ensure that the Grammarly score of their written content is above 98 while they write General Write for Us guest post blogs. 
  • Articles must include internal and external links.
  • The external link should be mentioned after completing 80% of the articles, and it should be highlighted in bold and green.
  • The writers must make use of active voice while writing their content.
  • Keyboard gaps are a must, and the writers must pay attention to the keyword gaps while writing the article.
  • The primary and secondary keywords mentioned in the article should be highlighted in blue and bold.
  • Images are significant; hence, while writing the Write for Us” + General guest post blogs, writers must not forget to include copyright-free images. 
  • Use of simple English is required while writing the article, and there must not be use of any complicated words or sentences.
  • Headings and subheadings should be written distinctively to understand the topic.
  • Use of any promotional headings or links is prohibited.
  • The article must contain an introduction, a conclusion, a disclaimer, and a description.
  • The use of abusive language should not be mentioned in the article. 
  • There should not be any kind of explicit content or sensitive information mentioned in the article.

Benefits the writers will get after writing a General Write for Us guest post.

  • If the writers succeed in writing unique and distinctive content, our platform will gain recognition and be known to the readers.
  • The writers writing the attractive content will also get recognition from readers of various platforms and, in turn, will get the opportunity to write for various other platforms.
  • The written content must be engaging so that the platform gets tremendous traffic, providing the writers with immense benefits.
  • Our platform provides writers with different kinds of articles, increasing their writing skills and confidence.

List of all trending topics for “Write for Us” + General 

  • Information related to the sports industry.
  • Uses of digital marketing and the importance of it.
  • Various topics related to health and the health industry.
  • Different kinds of fashion trends in today’s world.
  • Various types of technology requirements and methods.
  • Information related to the food industry.
  • What are the different kinds of business options available in the market?
  • Topics related to finance.

How do you contact us, General + “Write for Us” guest post blogs?

The writers who wish to join our platform can quickly write content for our platform once they have understood the requirements of our platform and written the article. They must ensure that the articles are free from plagiarism and grammatically correct, and the guidelines must be followed.

If you are willing to write guest post blogs for our platform,, you can contact us at the email id and send your articles to genuinereviewsteam@gmail.com. The quality check team will check the article written for General + “Write for Us” and make sure the article has all the mentioned points. If the quality check team is impressed by your written article, they will contact you, make you a part of our team, and let you know the process and procedures. 


If the writers have any other questions or doubts about the articles, they can email genuinereviewsteam@gmail.com. Our support team is available throughout the day, and the writers can clear all their doubts in case they encounter any difficulty while writing General “Write for Us” guest post articles. The writers who produce relatable content will get topics on daily basis to write. We also mention a link below to help you with the topic and find various day-to-day topics to help you in finding more relatable contents.


Please go through the complete guidelines and the process of writing the Write for Us General guest post blogs. 

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