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Learn more about Write For Us Mental Health trending blogging opportunity in addition to ways to submit the articles.

Are you the person who totally believes that mental Health is paramount for everyone? Then, have you gained any knowledge about how to treat and deal with mental health problems?

If yes, then there is a guest blogging opportunity where you can help millions of people struggling with mental health problems via your online writing. And here in this article, Write For Us Mental Health explains how to submit the article to our editorial team.

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Write for Us + Mental Health Writers Essential Qualification

Mental Health is something important for every human being, but this is one of the most underrated diseases in the world. If left untreated, it has the power to affect many people’s lives. It can even go up to the extent of people getting addicted to intoxicated drinks, drugs, etc. Thus, our platform has decided to share an awareness article that will help people learn about the importance of mental Health.

In order to carry over this article, we invite professionals, medical partitioners, and mental health survivors to carry on with this Mental Health Write for Us guest blogging opportunity.

Professionals: Medical professionals like psychologists, counsellors, mental health social workers, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, substance abuse counsellors, mental health educators, etc. can utilize this platform. 

Survivors: Mental Health is a treatable problem, so the person who has successfully overcome mental health issues can also share their experience and medical services to uplift the lives of millions of people. Even today, mental Health is being treated as a taboo, so many people hesitate to visit the doctor for their mental health issues. But if the mental health survivors share their “Write for Us” + Mental Health experience, it will help many come out of their shells.

Educational background: Professionals who have finished a psychology degree, social work, counselling training, or any other course can attempt this opportunity.

Experience: We expect the writers to have prior field knowledge because each word they utter will impact people’s lives. Hence, we expect the experienced writers to present their articles to us.

Mental Health + “Write for Us” Suggested Topics

We need our guest blogs to be more informative and valuable for our readers. Hence, the selection of the topics needs to be done very carefully. To ease up the work of the writers, our team has finalised some trending topics. So please see through every topic.

  • What is meant by mental health problems, and how are they different from mental illness?
  • What are the benefits of therapy in treating mental health issues?
  • What should be the role of family in treating a mental illness patient?
  • Mental Health + “Write for Us” Writers can also discuss the benefits of yoga and meditation to treat mental health problems.
  • What are the symptoms that indicate that a person is suffering from Mental Health?
  • Write a note on the mental health support system at the international and regional levels.

Writing instructions 

  • The required word limit for the article is around 1500 to 2500. But kindly don’t exceed this mentioned word limit because the readers will lose interest.
  • Checking the article for grammar is an essential part of content writing. Thus, we request all the Mental Health “Write for Us” writers to use Grammarly applications to ensure the complete grammatical correctness of the article.
  • Punctuation and syntax errors should also be obliterated.
  • The article shouldn’t be written in a disrespectful tone. As the article is about Mental Health, we expect the writers to tone up the article positively.
  • Articles should be uniquely manner; kindly don’t copy any content from different people. Writers can also quote research papers for reference, but even those data should be presented uniquely.
  • We highly discourage Write For Us Mental Health writers not to prescribe any medications for the writers. Because each medical case is different, kindly don’t take any risks.

SEO guidelines 

  • The article should be written in an SEO-friendly manner. To make that happen, writers should incorporate SEO keywords about the mental health topic.
  • Internal and external links must be added to every article, but don’t make the articles look like a link tree.
  • The spam score of the mental health-based article should be in the range of 6 to 7%.

Write for Us + Mental Health Writers’ benefits and advantages

  • Writers can acquire lots of real writing experience with us.
  • As all the articles will be published after the SEO optimisation process, they will outweigh all our competitors’ articles. Hence, all our articles get an assured high traffic rate.

Submission rules

The article must be sent to this email address: genuinereviewsteam@gmail.com, without fail.

Upon submitting the article, writers can also share their resume or latest CV with the email.

Writers should add Write For Us Mental Health Guest Blogging Opportunity as the mail body. As we get many emails from our different writers, we must differentiate everything thus kindly attach these lines in the mail body.


Thus, the article thoroughly explained the guest blogging opportunity and ways to present it according to the needs of the GenuineReviewsteam. In addition to that, we would like to present this mailing address: genuinereviewsteam@gmail.com to all interested candidates. In case of any doubts or queries, kindly make use of this mailing address to clear all your Mental health articles doubts. It’s time to make changes in people’s lives via the Write For Us Mental Health guest blogging opportunity.

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