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Yina Calderon Video De Navidad“. Yina Calderón’s Christmas video has produced a mix on informal communities and caught the consideration of thousands of individuals all over the planet.

Who is Yina Calderón?

Yina Calderon Video De Navidad is an unmistakable figure in the realm of diversion and business in Colombia. She has acquired reputation as a persuasive and disputable character in the media and informal communities.

She sent off her profession on the unscripted TV drama “Protagonistas de Novela,” where she acquired reputation, however she was likewise removed after an occurrence in which she attacked one of her castmates. Regardless of this wild beginning, Ella Yina chose to zero in on music and her line of magnificence items.

What truly launch her to distinction was a Christmas video that she shared via web-based entertainment. In this video, Yina was shown practically bare, wearing just Christmas stockings and covering her chest with hued confetti while she moved to the beat of a guaracha melody. The video produced extraordinary discussion and incited blended surveys from her supporters and doubters.

Yina Calderon Christmas Video

The “Yina Calderon Video De Navidad” is a short recording shared on her informal communities. In the video, Yina shows up practically bare, wearing just Christmas stockings and covering her chest with shaded confetti. She moves to the mood of a guaracha melody, the rendition of “Los Sabanales” by Los Corraleros de Majagual. It is a remarkable and striking rendition of the conventional melody, with a solid Christmas soul, yet with a totally different and exotic understanding by Yina Calderón.

This video produced a progression of negative responses from the crowd and online entertainment clients. A few pessimistic remarks included sentiments, for example, “for this reason they close your Instagram account,” “this is terrible for our stomach wellbeing,” and “what’s so odd and revolting about this?” Certain individuals considered the “Yina Calderon Christmas Video” to be improper and too ribald for a Christmas execution.

Local area response to the video

The people group’s response to the Yina Calderon Christmas Video was isolated into two sections: a few upheld and respected her, while others were insulted and condemned her.

Some Yina Calderón supporters applauded her video, contending that it mirrored her remarkable character and style. They esteemed her certainty and imagination in playing out the customary Guaracha melody in an extraordinary manner. They thought about that Yina communicated the Christmas soul with bliss and innovation.

In any case, others protested the video, taking into account it unseemly and too suggestive for a Christmas-related execution. They contended that the manner in which Yina Calderón showed up practically stripped and moved in the video didn’t fit with the soul of the Christmas season. These negative conclusions prompted basic remarks and discussions via virtual entertainment.

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