A King Size Mattress: What Is It? & Which Size Is Best For You?

A King Size Mattress What Is It & Which Size Is Best For You

The king mattress, as the name suggests, is the ultimate in luxury and the largest, coziest bed you’ve ever seen. A king mattress made of the coziest, most supportive material can provide you with an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep, enabling you to fall asleep as soon as your head touches your pillow. 

The king-size mattress fits you and your partner without taking up more space, making it perfect for an amazing main bedroom. King-size mattresses are the best option for bedding, regardless of the type of mattress construction you’re looking for.

Memory foam, orthopedic, or even a spring mattress for your master bedroom. Additionally, you can now buy mattress online at king size mattress prices that no other Indian furniture store can match thanks to the introduction of the new Urban Ladder series.

5 Things to Think About When Choosing a Bed Size

Because the typical person spends almost one-third of their lives sleeping, choosing the optimal mattress size for your needs is critical. Consider the following things while purchasing mattress online at Bajaj Mall:

  1. The height of the person sleeping on the mattress: Tall persons should select a bed with additional length to provide the necessary comfort. 
  2. The number of people sleeping on the mattress: Will you share the bed with a spouse, a kid, or a pet? If this is the case, you’ll need a queen-sized bed most miniature size. If you want to share your bed with more than one other person or pet, you should consider a king or California king mattress. If you sleep alone, you can get away with a queen, complete, or twin XL size, depending on how much more space you need.
  3. Room size: A massive bed in a small studio apartment is generally not the most effective use of a bit of space since it takes up space for other furniture and is within walking distance. When selecting a bed size, ensure it is not so large that it overwhelms the room and limits the remainder of your available space.
  4. Room accessibility: It might be challenging to physically carry a bigger mattress into an inaccessible room. You may have transportation issues if your room has tiny doors, is only accessible by a tight stairway, or is not on the ground level. One simple way around these constraints is to buy a bed-in-a-box mattress, which delivers to you in a smaller box and expands to its full size once removed from its packaging.
  5. Price: The larger the mattress size, the higher the price. Your objective is to choose a mattress that meets your budget and size needs.

Mattress Dimensions in India

Mattress sizes are readily available in India, provided you choose the excellent brand and quality. The following are the standard mattress sizes for each category, but first, consult the table for a better knowledge of how to choose the best bed size for you.

Mattress for One Person

A single mattress should be around 10 ft by 7 ft. It is more appropriate for youngsters in terms of comfort. Adults, on the other hand, may find it less than ideal since they have less area to extend and move on the bed.

Mattress Diwan

Adults who need a modest, cozy place can benefit from Diwan mattresses. It should have a mattress size of roughly 6 cm and is perfect for conserving space and seeming small.

Queen Size Mattress Dimensions

Queen mattresses are 60-70 inches long, making them ideal for couples or groups of three. They provide plenty of space for stretching out and accommodating more people, making them a fantastic option for children, adults, and guests. It’s also available in a queen XL size, much bigger than a typical queen-size mattress.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

A king size mattress is somewhat more significant than a queen size mattress and may measure up to 72 inches in length. They provide optimum comfort and support and ample space to move without disturbing the person sleeping next to them. It also comes in a King Size mattress size XL variation, more significant than the standard king mattress. 

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