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Complete A Guide to Write For Us Health

Our research on the Write for Us Health will let you know about the format of writing the article for the Genuine Reviews.  

Are you excited about growing up in the field of content writing? If you have some plans for building your career as a ghostwriter for an online site, then you can work for Write for Us Health. This opportunity has been provided by the Genuine Reviews website which is an online site and shares most of the trending content. Before you connect with us, you must spend some time on this post and gather all the facts about this website. 

What is a Genuine review site? 

This is a multi-purpose outlet that aims to provide authentic details on the trending news. The Genuine Reviews website offers you a chance to explore the interesting facts on the updates with are famous nationally or internationally. You can have all trustworthy facts about any topic from this website. The Write for Us + Health enables the readers to get updates on health-related content. You can look for the facts like health benefits, healthcare services, etc. This opportunity is provided by Genuine Reviews for the contributors who were looking for such opportunities to build their careers. Additionally, we also work on other topics that are trending in the news. These subjects are politics, pets, production, CBD, product reviews, bitcoin, website reviews, news, international updates, films, education, environment, authors, skincare, lifestyle, photography, books, and many more. You need not search for any other website after visiting our website as we share the information to the point and without complicating it.

Principle of writing the Health Write for Us

The online contributors may be looking for some opportunity and they might be fascinated by the opportunity provided by us. However, it is not easy to avail of this chance as it may need some special study about the guidelines. Here we have provided the directions for the reference of the online contributors. Please read them.

  • The tools are available online which would help the contributors to rectify the errors. These errors make your content monotonous and the readers may lose interest in your content. So, the grammar score should be above 98 percent.
  • The count based on the plagiarism should be zero in the “Write for Us” + Health. We do not want you to copy the content from other sources.
  • The use of techniques like artificial intelligence is prohibited. We do not want you to take the help of such tools.
  • The internal links added in your guest post should be having blue color. The external link in the guest content should be green in shade. 
  • The ending paragraph and the introduction should not contain words above 160. You must give a brief information in this section. 
  • The word characters in the description should be between 97-160 characters. It should have limited words. 
  • Making use of any bad language in the Health + “Write for Us” will not be accepted. The contributors should write the content in a simple language.
  • You are free to insert some graphics in the guest content. After adding the graphics your guest post looks more appealing. 
  • The count determined by the spam factor should be minimal. It cannot have a spam count of more than three percent. 
  • The contributors should write the content within 500-1000 words. 
  • The hyperlinks can be used in the content after the writer has completed at least 70 percent of the content.
  • The contributors cannot share the content which they have shared with us with any other publisher.

Subjects For The Health “Write for Us”

  • Why is health important? 
  • What makes you healthy? 
  • Some Healthy Food Items! 
  • Biotins and supplements are important for a healthy life!
  • Popular Doctors in the World! 
  • Best Healthcare Facilities!

The contributors must understand the facts based on the trending updates. If you can identify the requirements of the viewers. You can select any topic of the reader’s choice but you should try to focus on those topics which are trending and mostly covered in the news. It will help to give you many benefits that you could imagine.

What are the advantages of working for Genuine Reviews? 

The contributors should try to put all of their efforts into writing facts on the Write for Us Health. If your content is genuine and worthwhile then you can earn many benefits like you will get mass exposure. The daily views on the guest post will be more than 1000. The new publishers and editors will also provide work to online contributors whose content is worthwhile and appreciable. The SEO titles will help to generate maximum views and the rank on SERP is also helpful in gaining name and fame.

Elements are important for becoming a contributor! 

There are no lengthy procedures to become our contributor. Those who can write the content online in English are eligible to write the guest post. The contributors need to learn the facts about the guidelines for the Write for Us Health and if they have understood the facts then they are eligible to write the guest post. It does not matter if any ghostwriter is engaged in any other profession. 

Submission process! 

The contributors can share their content on the following email ID: genuinereviewsteam@gmail.com.

The Contributors must not share the content with the rest of the editors of other websites. We will respond to the senders within one day. 

After submission of the content they need to wait for the response of the editors and if we will post your content, we will update you. 


Summing up this research on Write for Us Health, we have given the facts on the factors important for writing the guest post on Health. We have tried to scrutinize all the facts about the guest post. It will help you to understand the format.

Would you mind sharing your opinions in the guest article? Please let us know.

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