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Our research on the Write for Us Technology will help you to know the functioning of our website and what opportunities we provide.   

Do you know the technical innovations? If you can advise others on the technology, then you help others by writing the Write for Us Technology for the online website popularly known as Genuine Reviews. This is a website where many contributors have flourished in their careers. If you have some facts that can illuminate the knowledge of others, then you can share the write-up on this subject. Please go through the facts here. 

About Genuine Reviews Website! 

Many online readers have been visiting different online sites for trending details. We are one of those online sites that share informative details on the trending news. We cover all the updates that the reader is demanding and we focus on the keywords that are trending online and try to cover those topics. The Write for Us + Technology helps the readers to know about technological updates. These updates are related to the news. Moreover, we also cover some static topics related to technology. Not only this, we mainly focus on the subjects which have gained a lot of attention. Additionally, our team also focuses on other topics which include environment, education, politics, law, lifestyle, science, software, website reviews, books, authors, product reviews, cryptocurrency, market, bitcoin, CBD, health, manufacturing, international updates, films, leaders, national updates, etc. If you feel like reading about such topics that are trending, then you can visit the website and scroll all the sections here. 

Directions Important For The Technology Write for Us

The online have been engaging in the digital marketing field and they have much focus on the quality of the content. They always prescribe you the format of writing the content. Without following the norms and format of the content, one cannot write a guest post for our website. Kindly study the points we have discussed below.

  • The contributors who write the content should look for tools that can help them to rectify the errors. We do not want the content must contain any errors. 
  • The contributors must try to make the content on their own. The plagiarism count on the “Write for Us” + Technology should be zero. 
  • Artificial intelligence is a helpful tool but you should not use it to write guest content for our website.
  • The graphics in the article can be added. You can add more than one image to the content and they should be zero. 
  • Our website looks for the content having hyperlinks with the least spam count. It must have either zero or a maximum of three percent spam count. 
  • The limit of the words is estimated to be between 500 to 1000 words. 
  • The content should have a simple language. The wording of the words must be decent and the use of bad language in the Technology + “Write for Us” must be avoided. 
  • The hyperlinks in the article must have a green shade whereas the internal links should be highlighted in blue color. 
  • Two keywords cannot be used one after the other. There should be a minimum word gap of 90 to 110-word gap. 
  • You can make the content more attractive by inserting some bullet points. You can add some important points and highlight them. 
  • Two sections of the guest post, the conclusion and introduction should have 160 words in total. 
  • The description in the content should have 97-160 characters as it has to be kept short. 

Niches For The Technology “Write for Us”!

  • Technological Advancements! 
  • What is Technology? 
  • Technology and Science go hand in hand! 
  • Is science interlinked with technology? 
  • Some famous technologies! 
  • How have technological advancements made our lives easier? 
  • Technology: A boon or ban? 
  • Number one country in technology development! 

You can find many topics that are on the top list of the search engines. All you need to do is you have to understand the needs of the readers. The topics start trending on search engines and you can check those topics and write content on them.

Why write the guest post for Genuine Reviews?

The content creators can write the Write for Us Technology which can have many benefits. These benefits will help them in the long run. We help you to build your career by guiding you if you are making mistakes. We try to provide more views in the guest posts. We can give more than 1000 views. The editors also keep an eye on the content and if they are pleased by your content they may give you more opportunities to flourish in this domain. If you work with us, it means you have connected with a good-ranked website. 

Contributors Of The Website! 

Anyone can contribute to the Genuine Reviews website and write the Write for Us Technology for our website. You need not leave your profession but you can become a part of our team even if you are giving us time when you are free. You need to have knowledge of English and must know the sentence formation technique. 

Ways to submit the guest post! 

The guest post can be shared via the Email ID: genuinereviewsteam@gmail.com

This is our official email address and we respond to the contributors after we have received the guest post. We take around a day to review the entire article as it takes us time to go through the content. 


Summing up this post on Write for Us Technology, we have suggested ways to write an article on the Technology for the Genuine Reviews. The contributors should go through the ways we have shared here. You can freely take your doubts from our team if you face any complexity.

Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this opportunity? Please give your opinions in the comment section below.

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